Homeowner’s Association

The homeowners’ association, Fyre Lake Association, Inc., “the Association” was incorporated in November of 1972 under the Illinois General Not For Profit Act. As set forth in its Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws and the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for Fyre Lake, the purposes of Fyre Lake Association include “…to own, maintain, buy and sell real estate, including parks, lakes, recreational areas, roads and other amenities as a property owners’ association at the Fyre Lake development… and to conduct business incidental to being a property owners’ association. All Fyre Lake property owners are members of the Association.

Purposes of the Association are further detailed in Paragraph 8 (b)(i) of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants as “…providing a means whereby the streets and those areas within the Development designated as parks, lakes, recreational areas or other amenities on the plats thereof, and such other recreational facilities within the Development as may be conveyed to the Association may be operated, maintained, repaired and replaced.” An additional purpose stated in 8 (b) (ii) is that of “providing a means for the promulgation and enforcement of all regulations necessary to the governing of the use and enjoyment of such streets, parks, lakes recreational facilities…” etc.

Fyre Lake Association has a five-member Board of Directors elected by the membership in accordance with Article V, Section 3 of the corporation By-Laws. View current board members.

The directors meet monthly on the second Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at the Association/Water Co. office at 513 Fyre Lake Drive. Members are welcome to attend these meetings. An Annual Meeting is held on the first Wednesday of April each year at which time the directors provide the membership with a review of the year’s activity, financial report, future planning, etc. Ballots submitted for election of new directors are also counted at this time and the winners announced. The two-year terms of office of new directors begin following the Annual Meeting.

Association Board Members

Aaron Dyer, President, IT and Legal
Dan Marchant, Vice President
Brandon King, Treasurer and ECC
Nick Sim, Secretary – ECC & Maintenance & Lake Management
Chad McPherson, Vice President – Maintenance & Lake Management and ECC

Water Company Board Members

Rick Rogan, President
Mike Barndollar, Secretary
Joseph Miller, Treasurer
Alan Bergquist, Vice President
Jeff Bertelsen, Vice President
Bob Thornton, Vice-President

Dan Helm, Certified Operator in Charge
Tom Davis, Back Up Operator
Mary Mott, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Fyre Lake Association

513 Fyre Lake Drive
Sherrard, IL 61281


(309) 593-2516


fyrelake513 [at] gmail.com


Tuesday 9AM - 12PM
Wednesday 2PM - 6PM
Thursday 4PM - 7PM
Saturday 9AM - 12PM